Saturday, May 8, 2010

dyed singlets

I had a dyeing day with my sis and we had so much fun. She dyed the singlets - it was her first attempt at dyeing so I think she did brilliantly! I died the pants and didn't do so well.........I dropped a big drip of magenta onto the yellow so you can see two big brown dots! Grrrr!!!!

We also dyed some pieces of knit fabric so that we have 3 pieces of every rainbow colour. It was so much fun watching the colours change. I need to work on the red as it came out more like light red and I'd really like crimson, so I'll have to experiment next time.

Applique and colour blocked Farbenmix Antonia

applique antonia

I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and try using some colour combos that I'd normally avoid. I also wanted to do something interesting on the front of the top - if I had an embroidery machine I would have used that, but I don't so I drew the daisy and appliqued it to the front.

This top was destined for my little Congo Cart that I have on the Crafty Mamas Marketplace, but my machine was annoying and skipped a few stitches on the applique (it may possibly have been user error......there is an ever so slight possibility I forgot to change the needle to a stretch needle. Shhhh. Don't tel anyone lol). All is not lost though - the top has found an owner who loves it and I have a little more of the Hilco dots and a heap more of the Stella fabric so I can try again. Maybe. If my attention span lets me..........I may just go on to something else.......cause I'm a bit like that :)