Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I have a problem.......


I found this piece of fabric on one of my oppie trawls recently and I couldn't leave it there cause.....well, I dunno really......I just couldn't! I don't know if it's vintage or new, but if it's vintage then it's in absolutely new condition! But now that I own this piece of raggedy anne and andy fabric I don't know what to do with it as the dollies are HUGE. Like each one must be 30 cm's high! My problem with that is that I hate cutting off the limbs or heads of the dollies.....but having said that it would make a very cute quilt top, but I really don't want to cut out the dollies and piece the top. Hmmm, am I the only one who thinks these things?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Scrappy quilt challenge

Right. I'm in a personal funk at the moment and I want out, so when I read this blog post http://punkysmamma.blogspot.com/ by the gorgeous Vic I knew what I was going to do about it. OK, no not the one about op shopping........ye Gods I do enough of that already.........the one about the quilt. If I were any better at this computer stuff I'd give you a direct link, but I'm not, so if anyone out there's reading this you'll just have to look for it which I'm sure will be fine cause it's a fun blog to read anyway :)

So back to the quilt. I've made a couple already, just really basic ones out of scraps that I had on hand, but that's the way I like my quilts. I'm really not into the whole matching fabric thing, not that there's anything wrong with them! They're just not my taste. Besides, it gives me enormous satisfaction when I use up my scraps. I'd post a pickie of my other quilts, but it's too dark for pickie taking now!

So if you want to join me that'd be nice. It's always much more fun to have friends along for the ride, but if not that's ok too. I can fly solo :)

Oh and I have only one rule for this quilt. I WILL NOT BUY ANY NEW FABRIC. Notice I said 'new'? Cause if it comes from the oppie, then that doesn't count does it ;). Nor does raiding your Mum's, MIL's, sisters, friends cupboard. Or swapping with an internet buddy.......that's cool too.

And before I go, just one last thing.....I think it'd be fine if the quilt were not actually say, quilted, but just a patchwork top made into a doona cover. It's really just about the 'look', yeah?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Horsey bags


These little bags were just the thing to get me back into the sewing spirit......quick, easy and bright! I made them for some little ones who just can't bear to leave the house without a bag full of plastic horses :)

The spot fabric is from Spotlight and the horsey fabric is a curtain material, also from Spotlight and the drawstring handles are cheap satin ribbon. Luckily I had it all in my stash so I didn't need a trip out for any of it.

The first pic here is actually the back of the bags.....the next is the front. I'm still trying to figure out how I can add the pictures to my text, not the text to the pictures, so please bear with me! You'll actually have to click on the 'older post' link to see the front of the bags.......sorry!!