Friday, January 18, 2013

A good start.

IMG_8719[1] by TinCanDaisy
IMG_8719[1], a photo by TinCanDaisy on Flickr.

My little Etsy store seems to have started out well, I have sold 4 pairs of undies since Tuesday which I am sure is due to the exposure I got from the Gossamer Dreams stocking. I am very blessed to have the support of some really beautiful ladies, it is making all the difference :)

I think that listing the undies individually makes a difference so that is what I will do for now.

I also have plans for undies in older girls sizes. I just need to work on a pattern for that one. The of course there is the grown up girls who keep asking me for bright funky undies. Oh and I can't forget the little I have plenty to keep my mind and hands busy :)

Gossamer Dreams

IMG_8810[1] by TinCanDaisy
IMG_8810[1], a photo by TinCanDaisy on Flickr.

My first stocking as a Gossamer Dreams guest was oh-so-successful.....I sold all my Summer Sunshine underpants!! Woo hoo :)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gossamer Dreams

2013-01-05 15.43.55 by TinCanDaisy
2013-01-05 15.43.55, a photo by TinCanDaisy on Flickr.

I have been so lucky and was asked to join talented ladies at Gossamer Dreams as a guest.....the theme for this month is Golden Summer and here is my sneak peek photo. I'm sure you can guess what I made ;)

If at first you don't succeed....

IMG_8789[1] by TinCanDaisy
IMG_8789[1], a photo by TinCanDaisy on Flickr.

Then try and try again.

And that's what I'm doing, these little knickers have been listed on Etsy. Hopefully they sell and I can start making a little pocket money out of my sewing....enough to pay for riding lessons would be ideal.

Fingers crossed :)