Monday, January 31, 2011

The giveaway goes to.......

I was inspired by Tas to find a creative way of choosing my giveaway winner after she let her kitten 'chews' her raffle winner. I thought it was cute and funny and lets face it, I lead a fairly sheltered life and I need all the amusement I can get :D

Since it's been so darned hot here I figured I'd let the fan do the work for me........I put all the little bits of paper on a plate and sat them in front of the fan and 'whoooooosh' off they all went! I figured the one that flew the furthest would be the winner and that was Handmade Handgrown who's name landed at a distance of 118cm's :) So could you please send me the address you would like me to post the pattern to?

Now I would have shown you a photo of my highly sophisticated setup, but alas my card reader is still in hiding.........

Thank you to everyone who entered and thank you also to those who've decided to follow my blog. I guess that means I'll actually have to do some posts now lol. But really, this has been fun and I hope to do it again soon.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A giveaway.......

I really dislike New Years Resolutions. Every time I make one I instantly want to break it. It's just like every time I've gone on a diet.......all I can then think about is what I can't eat and it makes me want it all the more. Ice Cream in cream.....

Anyway, back on track :)

This year I looked at my enormously growing stash and realised I have more patterns and fabric than one little ole me needs for an entire lifetime and I felt overwhelmed. Sewing is more than my hobby, it is my passion and my outlet but I honestly spend more time trying to invent clever ways to store things than sewing - so it's time to make some changes. The other thing I did was I bought a pattern and then realised I already own that one....that was my final wake up call. If I don't know what I have, then I have too much. So this is where the New Years thing comes in........and if anyone is reading this, this is where you come in :)

The pattern I bought is the very cute Farbenmix Flora. It's new and unopened and I will post it anywhere. I do have a photo but I have sadly lost my card when that appears the photo will appear lol.

I will draw this giveaway (using some technical method like randomly picking from scrunched up names in a tupperware container) the end of the month.

So to be in the draw please leave me a comment. You don't need to follow my blog or write a blog post about it, but if you want to spread the love then that's nice too.

Oh and the resolution thing! As I said I don't like them - so instead, this year I am going to 'aspire' to be more giving and this is my start :)