Saturday, October 25, 2008

Well, here I am.......and I never thought I'd be doing this

Well, I never thought I'd be a Blogger.......guess you should never say never cause here I am LOL.

I have created this blog to record my creations. I'm a sewer, a fabric hoarder, an op-shopper and a very sloooooowww knitter so these are the things I shall be blogging about.

I also like to potter in my garden and dabble in the odd vege growing though for the last couple of years the only veges I've grown are the pumpkins and watermelons that came out of my compost - but I had a bumper crop off them so who's complaining!!

I'm hoping that someday soon I will have some of my sewing creations up for sale.....the intention is definitely there, it's just such a shame that I need to sleep sometimes!

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