Thursday, August 20, 2009

Scuba girl Olivia dress

Just thought I'd better make an entry here. I'm afraid I'm one of 'those' bloggers. You know the ones I mean......the slack ones lol.

So here is a Farbenmix Olivia dress that I recently finished. I made it from some cotton/elastane knit that I call 'Scuba girl'. I don't really know what its called but I bought it from a lovely lady in the US and that's what she'd named it. I used some different colours for the hood, sleeves and pocket and I quite like it, I think it looks fun :)

close up scuba girl olivia

scuba girl olivia


Sara said...

So whose dress is it? Big, middle or small? I think not small from the size of the dress. :)

It's adorable, and I love all the bright colours.

And I have a confession, sometimes I don't blog everything. I made Will some pants recently and I just never took any photos of him wearing them!

Punky's Mamma said...

Cute & bright... fantastic! :D

ingrid said...

This is great. I love the colours!

Sally said...

Great use of colours. Fun & funky :)