Wednesday, November 2, 2011

White Ants

White Ants by TinCanDaisy
White Ants, a photo by TinCanDaisy on Flickr.

Apparently, if you're a white ant, after you've eaten the insides of the built in pine tv unit, the skirtings and the architraves, books made a rather tasty dessert.

If I'd taken a picture of this book yesterday I'd have been able to show you the dozens of white ants happily eating away at it's pages, but I put the book outside overnight and when I went to take the picture the next day they were all gone. Because, apparently if you're a black ant, white ants are rather tasty.

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Liz said...

Poor book :( I must say I have a strong dislike of white ants. They are horrid destructive little creatures and they creep me out way more than they probably should!
I remember when we had some munching away on some wood, we flicked them out into the light and the lovely big meat ants went around tearing their heads off. We got a fair amount of warped entertainment out of that :)