Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lucky me.

It's been a long long time between posts and a lot has changed in my life. I used to be a shed dweller but I now live in a house. It's a rental, but it's a house none the less and it doesn't leak, there are no gaps in the walls and it has both reverse cycle ac and a lovely wood heater hence this winter we are snug as bugs in rugs. The landlord lives on the property and he mows the lawns all the time so I never have to ask (nag) to get them done. I am surrounded by beautiful gardens that I'm free to weed and plant out to my hearts content. There are fruit trees....oranges, mandarins, lemons, lemonades and in summer a plum and also a strawberry patch that the children are encouraged to plunder. Yes, this is a good place to live and I have been blessed.

In my shed shack I had a small area that I claimed as my sewing space, but it was cramped and cold/hot depending on the season and dusty and I didn't really get much done. The depression that came from living in unsuitable conditions was debilitating. I was constantly worried about the health of my children when I could see how much dirt and dust would blow in. The bathroom and 'dining room' ceiling were covered in mould. It really freaked me out and I'm so glad we aren't living in there anymore. It was really just supposed to be for 6 months while we built our home but 6 months turned into 8 years and although it's getting close the house still is not finished. At first I was able to treat the shed/shack as an adventure and pretty much played pioneer woman. I figured the settlers in this area had put up with so much that surely I could cope, and I did cope....for a while. But there came a point where the adventure wore off and it was all about surviving. I'm not a church going person but I do have believe in a power that is higher than ourselves. Call it God, Allah, Mother it what you will....I just think there is more to this world than us. Anyway, for some time I had lost my faith. I was in a difficult situation and I was trying desperately to control it and find my own way through, but one night I lay down in my bed and I realised that I needed help. That I was ready for help. It was at that point that I gave my desire to control the situation I was in away and I asked for help, for a way out of that horrid shed/shack. The very next day my partner told me that our next door neighbours house would be vacant for 6 months. To say I was surprised was an understatement. I had prayed, I had asked for help and there it was. So now I and my family are cosily wrapped in the warm embrace of this beautiful home and I am ever so grateful.

Of course, now that I have my lovely sewing space you'd think that I was making a million and one little dresses and pants and all sorts of things but I'm still finding it hard to focus. It's a challenge for all of us, going from a one bedroom shed/shack to a 4 bedroom house with 2 living areas and 2 bathrooms!! We are all having to learn to be tidy, to put our stuff away when we are done. I think I might be one of the messiest though, but shhhh....don't tell. I tend to get all my craft crap out and then spread it all over the place. My boxes of fabric have all been rescued from storage and I'm shocked and overwhelmed by how much I have. I'm also sad when I pull out fabric that was supposed to be made into a dress for one of my little DD's who are now not little at all. Why can't they stay little??? I hate it that they grow up so fast.

Before I go I want to share a picture of this gorgeous slouchie beanie that I was so lucky to receive. One of my online friends made it especially for me.

I find it funny that I should have online friends. I used to be so negative about computers but learning to use the internet has been a mostly positive experience for me. I say mostly because I do tend to spend too much time and money online (which has a lot to do with how much fabric I have!!) but if I hadn't learned to use the computer and the net I would never have met the many really lovely people I now know, nor would I have learned as much about sewing as I now know. Just like everything else in life it is a balancing act and sometimes we are in balance and sometimes I guess we just trip over and fall in a heap of crap...or a daisy bush. I'd really rather the daisy bush.


Tas said...

Oh, what a gorgeous smile.

You can move but you will always be SD to me.

I am glad that you are on the internet. You are a great sparring partner. I hope that things continue to get sunnier for you, hon.

Tracy said...

I'm so glad I popped in and had a read. Lovely to see your smile. And balance I'm still learning too Much love Tracy