Sunday, May 31, 2009

Heritage Costumes

I volunteered myself to make some heritage costumes and have been having a fabulous time digging out all the bits of lace that I have had stashed for years.


The first dress I made out of sheets - the blue floral I bought from the Salvos for $2, however after I cut it I realised it was so thin that i's almost see through, so I grabbed an old white poly cotton sheet out of my linen press to make a sewn in lining. I also added some hot pink ribbon to look like it was laced up (not quite authentic, I know, but it was fun!). The bonnet and apron are made from another sheet, but this one must have been fabulous quality fabric (it feels gorgeous) because it was soooo hard to get the pins into!!! Never again!!


sheet apron

There will be more to follow :)


Sara said...

They look fantastic!!!

JulieT said...

Wow that heritage sewing is so amazing!