Monday, February 28, 2011

I have issues.

I love fabric.

I love patterns.

I love designing.

Now this is all good.............but...........

I really don't like sewing.

It's not that I don't have a nice machine, I have two in fact. I'm a very lucky gal in that regard. It's just that the sewing part take so loooooonnnnnggggg!!!! And I have sooooo many ideas running around in my head. And sooooo many cut projects waiting to be sewn up. And sooooo many patterns screaming for attention. And soooooo much fabric calling 'pick me' 'pick me'.

It's a problem.

Now, if I were a rich girl I'd be able to pay someone to do my sewing while I cut and played with designs and fabric and patterns all day.

But I'm not rich. Sigh..........

So I have to get real and try to control my mind. But it's not easy. It's nearly impossible in fact.

Ah what the hell..........I'm off to play with my patterns and fabric and I'm not going to look anywhere near the 'to sew' pile neat my machine!

Which of course means I'll have no nice pretty pictures of finished things to show here for a while yet. Unless of course you want to see my UFO's lol.

1 comment:

Tas said...

Do what I do. Knit while you look at your patterns and fabrics. You don't get much sewing done, admittedly, but you have knitting to show at the end of it lol.