Friday, March 18, 2011

Blue chenille pants

I love chenille pants......these are baby sized and I have used a little fish print in a quilting cotton for the pockets. I also used the fish print to bind the hems. I am a little disappointed with my pocket placement...they're a little high up. I do wonder if there's some kind of formula for pocket placement or if it's just trial and error?

DH calls these dunny rug pants as he thinks chenille belongs on the toilet!!!


Vic said...

Dunny rug pants!!! OMG! They are much too cute to be called that, although I did giggle. ;)

Tas said...

So cute. And if he is crawling, to be fair, they may spend a bit of time exploring the bathroom floor given half the chance.

JulieT said...

They are gorgeous! love the colour especially with the fish print! Chenille is so lovely to use and wear!

willow and moo said...

So totally cute!
Don't listen to DH!