Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thinking outside the box

Photobucket I was looking at my 55 litre tub of UFO's the other day when inspiration struck. I had a few squares cut and sewn for this quilt, it's a truly scrappy quilt. The kind only mad people make and people who can't throw even the tiniest scrap in the bin (I fit both of those categories lol). Then I spotted the unfinished Feliz that I was making out of calico. Light bulb moment. I needed calico squares......I didn't want to finish that Feliz. Out came the rotary cutter and problem solved. Then I found another unfinished peasant style calico dress. It too was cut into squares.....yeah!! I won't go into a whole description of how this quilt is made as there are plenty of other people doing the same thing out there and they have far more experience and can offer much better advice than I can. I'm not a quilter at all, I just happen to like using up little bits of fabric. I just cut them into strips and stitched them over the calico squares. I wasn't sure that I liked the look at first and was going to turn it into a dollies quilt, but it's grown on me so I'm going to keep adding to it. Which is great cause I have an unfinished dress in that cute blue cherry print and my rotary cutter is itching to get stuck into it :D


Tas said...

Love it! Love, love, love!

JulieT said...

What a fabulous result!!