Saturday, February 14, 2015

Daisy rides again...

A new friend of mine and one who has now become both riding coach, book co author (he has asked me to illustrate a book he is writing...more on that later), fellow soul searcher and real life adventurer is responsible for all the horsey posts you will see from here on in. I have loved horses since I was old enough to know what a horse was but never believed in myself enough to really pursue my passion. Actually I never even knew it was a passion, I was told it was an obsession. Unrealistic. Too expensive. A selfish hobby. Too dangerous. A risk not worth taking. When I gave my new friend all those reasons not to ride he asked me if I was going to stop driving, because driving is more dangerous than riding. Well of course I'm not, I love driving, I need to drive and actually I'm a very good driver. I said my horses were too old. He said they were fine for what I wanted to do. I said my horses were difficult. He said difficult horses make the best riders. I ran out of excuses. I asked him to come and assess my horses and I had the pleasure of seeing a national eventing champion trail ride on an aged thoroughbred nick named Reverse (I had to giggle) while I rode behind, beside and sometimes sideways on Buck'n'bolt, my aged quarter horse. So begins my journey. I have taken the first step and I couldn't be more excited. Thank you Peter Haynes and thank you Rocky and Bullwinkle, the human and horse males who are here to teach me. 

Here's a pic of Rocky (Buck'n'bolt) ready for a ride, my son asked if we were taking him home as he was tied to the tow bar. That's 4 year old logic for you lol. 

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