Monday, February 2, 2015

Why Tin Can Daisy?

Once upon a time a young woman lived in a shed dwelling that was so tiny she felt like she was living in a tin can. She grew daisies for her daughters to pick, because they made her smile when she looked at them and because they thrived in difficult conditions....and they inspired her to thrive in her own difficult conditions.

Time went on, she had a little boy and he and her daughters outgrew their shed dwelling so like the daisies spreading their seeds far and wide she removed herself and began a new life in a cute little cottage......the garden doesn't have any daisies in it but she will plant them very soon.....the woman was not so young but time had given her wisdom and her difficulties had given her a passion for life that she'd never experienced before.

In short, I'm back....things have changed, I have grown and I'm excited to see where this journey of life leads me next.

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woznme said...

Live life and prosper Tin Can Daisy!